Rome fell, Korea was divided, Sean Connery lost a battle to male-pattern baldness, Michael Jordan left the game of basketball, Melissa Sandfort is retiring from her position of being our writing teacher.  The world will never be the same. . .   

I’ve known you for nearly two years now.  During those two years, I think I can safely say my writing skills have improved.  I credit you for having a lot to do with my success. 

I know from experience that you make an outstanding teacher.  You have a gift for making those around you comfortable.  You’re one of the few teachers I have had that makes learning an enjoyable experience. 

You’ve been inspiring and very supportive. 
—I. J.
Melissa Sandfort helped me organize my applications for college.  I was accepted to all four schools I applied to…I don’t think I would have had such a success rate if it weren’t for her.

  Throughout the entire time we worked, I felt as though she really pushed me to be the best I could be… She helped me formulate ideas and put them on paper.  As I wrote the essays, she edited them and explained how each part could be stronger.  I really learned about writing as a whole.  I learned so much! 

I plan to save my essays forever because I am really proud of the way they turned out. Not only did she assist me with the technical aspects of the process, but she was always there for me as a friend.  Whenever I got frustrated, I knew she was genuinely concerned and made it her priority to make sure I felt better.  I feel very close to her and know she is always there for me in any sense.  She is really quite an amazing person!  I cannot even think of anyone that can compare. 

This summer, I learned so much about writing, people and life.  I feel like I have a new perspective on things.  I honestly have her to thank.  –R.G