Success is the natural outcome of developing the core, authentic self. By using every academic coaching, tutoring or life coaching session to constantly hone self-understanding,
 I help my students succeed from the inside out.   

I offer an integrated combination of:   
  • Elite–level academic skills tutoring   
  • Co-Active personal coaching to overcome internal barriers to success   
  • Internal Family Systems mindfulness to work more creatively with less stress  
I specialize in working with: 
  • Gifted/Honors/AP students  
  • Students aspiring to Honors/AP classes   
  • Students with ADD/ADHD    
  • Students needing alternative approaches  
  • Teens struggling with stress at school, home or with friends  
  • Teens interested in developing better communication and relationship skills 
I also offer parent and teen coaching sessions  
  • Learn simple new communication tools that you can put into practice immediately 
  • Begin to develop virtuous cycles of interaction instead of falling back into painful patterns 
  • Parents: Develop your own inner ‘coach’ so you can better support your son or daughter 
  • Teens: Develop your own inner resources and authentic sense of Self
  • Parents and Teens together: Learn to speak up for what you need with confidence and clarity, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, with compassion for yourself and each other 
I always offer a free initial telephone consultation

As of 6/15/19, I have limited openings for weekly tutoring or academic coaching sessions.    

I warmly invite you to call 847-804-3200.   
I always offer a free initial telephone consultation.


My rates for academic coaching and tutoring are $225 per hour session.    

For college application essays, my rates are $250 per hour session, as I only take one college application student at a time. My intensive approach to college applications is not a good fit for most students. It is best for families and students who are applying to:  
• elite universities  • extremely competitive programs (in business, the arts, etc.) 

I appreciate your understanding that the kind of intensive, one-on-one tutoring and academic / life coaching I offer has put me in the difficult position of being unable to work with everyone I would like to. If you’re looking for a more conventional tutor who offers basic academic tutoring without academic coaching, please try the Neighborhood Parents Network, or call your local university.

For instance, Northwestern University Career Services offers parents the opportunity to list tutoring positions online. 

Summer Tutoring / Coaching

teen life coaching 
life purpose coaching 
summer enrichment tutoring 
speed reading and comprehension  
college application essays 
college applications
If you’re considering summer tutoring and coaching, I invite you to call me before the summer starts!  Spaces sometimes fill early.